Enlarge My World

My name is Olivia Ondo, I’m 24.

I am a young smart, beautiful woman and it took me years to realize it. I don’t have a circle of people I am close to, have fun and spend time with. It may be my fault because I’ve always love to stay by myself, watching movies or read an interesting book, you know. So growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends, but good rapport with everybody, and that is how I was, nice and kind to everybody, and if someone was acting weird with me I’d just ignore him/her. But I thank God, for the few people I’ve got and can call friends. Today we may all be in different countries far from our home, memories and family, we still try to keep in touch… But more than a half decade has passed and a lot of things have changed, we’ve grown up, experienced a lot and even our interests may have deviated from what it used to be. Now everybody is busy making great things happening in their life and don’t have time anymore.


We are all fighting unknown battles and enemies, but having people to support and care for you, it’s a blessing and if you have people like this in your life you’re special. But for those of you, alone without support and love who’s going through worst time, you are not alone because God is always watching over us for we’re blessed to have a Merciful God. That’s why I am grateful for all the years spent away far from my country, land, people and my culture. I have survived so many things while living in Ghana but I have also learned so much about life and myself. I also want to thank God to have someone along with me on this journey called life, he was a boyfriend, now a friend and a big brother (smiling). He supports me, loves me and cares for me through ups and downs. Sometimes, we fight, cry, laugh and fight again and this is just how I spend my every day with my best friend.


But for some days or weeks now, I’ve been feeling and acting differently. I want to enlarge my world and try new, different things like meet people, travel places and also concentrate on my long and short term plans before it’s too late. Right now I am completely on a crazy mood, because I feel like a lot of things could have been done better, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and decide to move on and fight for my future before I lose my strength and energy… Through this blog, I want to bring support, love and fun by sharing my experiences, ideas and passion with you.

I am not perfect, neither imperfect, but i’m in between. And that’s how God created me. 





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