My Journey To An Unknown Land

It was 10th December 2012, at 4am when I left my home, land, country and people to further my studies in the unknown land.

I can’t exactly describe how I was feeling that day, but I know that I wasn’t afraid (It wasn’t my first time, although this one was going to be longer) and I wasn’t sad either. Of course, to leave my family to live in another country, ignoring when I will see them again was not a ‘happy feeling’ either. My lovely mother who stayed home, may have been afraid to break down watching me leave. My dad who’d taken me to the airport and stayed with me until I got on board (I still remember the expression of his face that day, it was my first time to see him like this). Then not forgetting my brothers (they are six), they were all asleep except for the last three of the clan who were watching cartoons (laughing), too young to understand the magnitude of what was going on.

However, my journey to the unknown land had started to be an exciting experience. I’ve always loved to travel, espacially by plane, it’s an amazing feeling to be up there close to the clouds and flying with birds while enjoying the view, it’s something I can do all my life. But I was also naïve, not to realize everything that was going to change. I was going to be ‘independent’, do everything on my own without anybody to guide and care for me. Fortunately, my parent taught me enough to be able to live independently on the unknown land ( God bless them). And thanks to their education and advices I was able to survive it all.

Today it has been so long I saw my family, exactly five years and eleven months and I still don’t have any idea of when I’ll see them. Nevertheless, I want to thanks technology to make it possible for us to stay in touch whenever possible. But right now, many events have happened and a lot of things have changed. So many mistakes have also been done but no regrets though we’ve learnt from them. So far my journey to the unknown land has been a life changing experience and through all grieves and difficulties I’ve gone through I have learned so much here and I feel like I am ready to explore more.

The journey is still long, many places to explore and challenges to overcome.


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